Is worth using or not?

Private Delights is one of the major services that provide escort specifically. Unlike places like Listcrawler and Backpage (formerly), PD is the place where you can expect to receive or provide escort and similar services specifically.

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It’s pretty much a mix of social network and freelance workplace where clients and providers come together to negotiate services of a more mature nature. It is very much like the other services, with several key similarities. Design-wise, however, it’s pretty unique and ahead of the curve.

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Like other services, PD operates around cities, although you can customize your search rather more deeply – with tons of additional parameters to make you find the exactly right match.


The absolute majority of the website’s populating are North Americans – specifically, people from USA and Canada. It may seem like a strange choice, considering that the service knowingly tells you that they operate out of Switzerland, and they have servers all over Europe. 

Their domain – ‘.ch’ – also relays their commitment to being a Swiss, or at least a Switzerland-based escort service.

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It seems that the owners Private Delights have plans or at least an idea of expanding into Europe. Granted, providing these services in America is more worthwhile, because Americans have long developed a culture of hookup up with people they’ve met online

Regardless of their intentions, the service isn’t really viable outside of Canada and USA. Now, you can absolutely access the website, but you’ll only be given an array of cities from these two countries – at the very least, for now.

How does PD work?

PD has an extensive search algorithm that takes into account more than just the city or the state where you live. In this regard, however, the service is not at all different from the usual escort services or even dating solutions, such as Tinder or Badoo, for instance.

Working System of PD
PD Working System

When you visit the website, the first thing you’ll notice is that you can’t progress further unless you sign up – either as a provider or as a client. This stands in a stark contrast to the websites where tons of people usually look for escort services, such as Listcrawler or even Bedpages.

Differences to other websites

  1. Authorization

There, and in countless other services that were inspired by the Craigslist when it still allowed people to place ads promoting themselves as escort providers, you don’t need to create an account to browse the offers. To create one, you’ll need an account, sure. However, you can contact the providers right away – it’s all in open access.

Although it brings more clients to the website, it doesn’t do much for the security of a service. If anyone can just waltz in, see an escort application, call the person and harass them – it’s not going to be a very pleasant environment for the providers.

It’s not the same thing – on PD, the providers and clients have to create an account and also prove themselves if they want to, likewise, talk to the verified people.

  1. Verification

The verification on PD is pretty light.

For providers, the age check is mandatory. If you aren’t 21 or older, you can’t post ads. It is the same thing for the clients, although if you somehow lie about your age as a client, you can simply be blocked. If you like as a provider, you can be charged with illegal prostitution if not worse. They are very strict about it.

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Comparing With Others

The clients also need to look out for their reputation. If you, as a client, want to contact higher-class providers, you’ll have to be ‘screened’. Basically, leave reasonable and level-headed reviews. If they notice you are fair, honest and active – they’ll give you a pass to contact the better-rated providers.

  1. Ad placement and reviews

The ad placement is crucial for most escort services. In fact, the first examples of providing escort online were through ad listing services, such as Craigslist. They fit perfect for making people in your vicinity know what you look like and what sort of services you provide. It gives exposure and acknowledgement for free.

On PD, providers can also post ads (or applications) for the specific cities where they operate.

With that said, the most crucial part is your profile. The people will find you through an ad, and, judging by your performance, they’ll leave a review on your profile. For providers, it means they can improve their reputation and standing with other users. For clients, it means that providers will make sure to provide better quality of work.

PD feels more like a constant workplace for people who provide adult services. And it’s great, because listing websites don’t give you assurances, don’t look out for you, and they aren’t always comfortable to work with. Based on these advantages, PD promotes promoted several features to make your routine better and more comfy.

How is PD unique? 

Apart from prompting people to sign up and verify themselves first, PD is also trying to make the life for providers more bearable. 

Well, first of all, as a provider you can create communities with other people and talk to them about the business or maybe other topics. It’s this sense of being able to interact with people closer and on a much healthier note that brings people here, amongst other things.

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Unique Escort Service

The website feels more a social network, like mentioned. However, it’s not one to the fullest extent. Most providers or clients don’t come here to chat – it’s a proper workplace. There is no genuine messaging system, and you can really only reliably contact people the old way – through e-mail or by calling them.

How do I use PrivateDelights?

Like most similar services, PD ch works by sorting people into categories. The two main criteria are:

  • Location – city/state/province
  • Service – simple escort/BDSM/massage
Private Delights Loving Couple
Private Delights Couple

However, there is more to it. You don’t just have the ability, you are supposed to give more detail to your service so that people would know more about you and what you can or can’t do.

Sorting system

There is an extensive search mechanism right in the bottom of the front page. Once you’ve signed up as a client, you can start looking for people by playing with the local parameters. They can still be divided into the ‘location’ and ‘service’ categories, where you can specify certain aspects:

  • For location – country, city, and the proximity
  • For service – type of service and target customers

The country and city parts are understandable. However, with proximity, PD comes closer to the dating apps, such as Tinder. There are several options – from about 5 to 100 km away from the center of the city. So, even if you live not directly inside the agglomeration, but somewhere in downtown or state, you can still count on a service.

Sorting System On Privatedelights
System Of A Sort

The service types are also interesting. You can obviously choose whether you want something milder (such as a massage) or something more extreme. The other major criterion is the choice of target customers: women to men, men to women, transsexual or couples. 

And besides that, there are also more minor settings. Well, you understand how in-depth this search algorithm is. It is pretty extensive, even though it’s still rather simple and user-friendly.

When you decide upon the type of people you want servicing you, you’ll be given the latest applications that fit the settings you chose. You can also directly go to the ads feed for the specific city and see who posted recently.

How do posts come to be?

Naturally, in order for the ad to appear in the feed, it needs to be created by the provider user. There are quite a few differences from their perspective in this regard.

Of course, they can create the applications to show to people in the area where they operate. However, they also need to fill out their profiles, because that’s where people can also go for information. In fact, after looking at the application, most clients will likely proceed to the profile to see what’s up.

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Doing Great Posts

Here, you can put more interesting information. Of course, you can add a few photos and pick one as a primary profile picture. In terms of personal information, however, a provider will have at least this:

  1. The data of joining;
  2. Location;
  3. Phone number;
  4. E-mail address;

There is certainly more information that can be put all over the profile and it mostly resembles what you would usually mention about yourself on Facebook and in other social networks.

Posts creation

Obviously, all the criteria that clients can sort by in the search algorithm can also be edited in the ad, so that people who sort by the specific preferences would meet you, who also has these preferences. That’s basically how the entire thing works. You can change preferences over time, moreover.

Procces of Creation Nice Posts
Post Creation Procces

In addition, you don’t even need to create posts. People can simply encounter your profile randomly – through other people or previous ads. That’s also why you need to fill out additional setting inside your profile stating what services you provide and to whom. A comprehensive description would be nice, in short.

Availability of PD

Private Delights website is in a very interesting state at the moment.

Escort or escort-including services usually feature cities and countries where the providers that use their website live and operate to represent them. PD simply doesn’t seem to provide services to anyone besides Americans and Canadians.

Availability Of PD Hookup
Hookup Availability

You can try and search for a city outside of these two nations in a desperate attempt to see whether there are some providers in your area, but Europe is simply not on radar yet.

And it’s strange, considering that it’s a Swiss-registered brand with the majority of the staff operating from the Netherlands. There’s bound to be at least a few European cities displayed very soon. However, at the moment, you can only look for providers from North America.


One of PD’s genuinely stronger sides, in comparison to the services that provide similar offers is the design. It’s especially apparent when you compare it to the listing services that seem as if made in HTML – with 95% of the functional elements being links to pages with more links on them.

PrivateDelights Design Master
Design Master

PD actually has style, as well as many design solutions to make navigating around website much easier, not to mention that it’s more attractive by contrast.

Of course, it may not be as blatantly easy to operate PD as it would be with other services. However, websites like Listacrawler are really the easiest services you can think of online, and PD still providers a user-friendly experience even though it’s not as elementary.

Other media

Private Delights has two more media outlets where people could potentially learn something new about the company: blog and the Twitter account.

The blog includes a number of areas in America and cities inside these metropolitan areas. This array is there for your general information, so you wouldn’t have to wonder what the providers or clients mean when they mention a specific region. It’s even more useful for providers who travel up to 100 km to provide a service.

Casual Hookup Media Master
Casual Hookup Media

The Twitter account was formerly an active place where PD staff announced the updates and other facts about the platform. However, it was taken down due to unknown reasons – possible because Twitter users didn’t like that there is a profile dedicated to escort services.

In conclusion

Private Delights is one of the better solutions if you want a comfortable and secure escort service. It’s very convenient as a workplace for escort freelancers, and also not bad for browsing clients. Granted, you need to sign up and verify your age first, and only then will you be able to go through the lists.

However, it’s not really a flaw, because the trade-off is a more secure and safe experience, especially for the providers. The only tangible issue the website has just yet is the lack of access for the users outside of America and Canada. For the users in those countries, however, there is a lot of content.

And even this state of things is not for long, most likely.


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